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The Game that Builds Winning Teams

How Does Your Company Develop Leadership Skills?

Traditional leadership training can have some issues:

  • It is boring or can't keep the attention of the audience. 
  • It is heavy on theory and concepts but has limited practical application.
  • Inadequate focus on soft skills. 
  • The is a gap between learning and putting it into practice.

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What if it could be different?

Evivve- The Leadership Game® is a multiplayer game designed for virtual and physical learning experiences, focusing on leadership skills. It aims to make learning more engaging, fun, and valuable by providing a unique immersive environment that enables first-hand insights through experience. Through the formation and execution of collaborative strategies, players can enhance their ability to work effectively with one another.

Evivve- The Leadership Game®

The Evivve Leadership Game® offers an integrated experience that delivers swift and efficient feedback on a team's cohesion and areas of strength and weakness. This information helps us design targeted leadership training to address weaknesses and enhance strengths. 


It's a fact that a highly cohesive team leads to increased productivity, higher return on investment (ROI), and higher return on assets (ROA).

Bring a new and fresh mode of learning into your existing learning programs.

  • Improves strategic planning skills
  • Enhances resource management skills
  • Adapt and react to chaotic situations
  • Build ownership and team cohesion
  • Develops trust and mobilizes a team
  • ...and more!

Leadership Skill Development

Evivve - The Leadership Game® can be tailored to assist with the following: 

  • Team Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-Solving
  • VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity)
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Project Management
What is Evivve (as a learning tool)

What People Have to Say About Evivve - The Leadership Game®

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Let's meet at the intersection of games and leadership. Contact us to schedule your own private demonstration of Evivve - The Leadership Game®. 

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